Compact Towbar mount Payout

Heavy duty base mount payout winch

Pay-Out Winch Features

       Weight 25kg+line (55lb) 

       300mm wide 400mm high 460mm overhang (12x16x18 in)

       Shipping Weight 37Kg (82 lb)

       Scale Reading 0-100Kg (220lb)

       5mm (1/5 in) Thick Steel Drum - Designed to remain cool, no water required, never melts line

       Drum capacity - 10kg Polyester Braided Line. 3.0mm (1/10 in) line thickness gives you 1.4km (4500ft) of line. The 3.5mm (1/8 in) line length is 1km

       5kg supplied with winch, talk to us about supply of other line including dyneema/spectra 

       Line breaking strains; 3.0mm is 235kg (520lb), 3.5mm is 310kg (680). The 3.5mm line is recommended for commercial operations and Tandem winching.

       Drum Rotation Tension Alarm. The alarm "tweets" for every rotation. If the car is driving to slow, the drum will not rotate, and the driver can speed up. If the alarm goes very fast, then the driver is driving to fast and can slow down. There is no danger in driving to fast. You are just wasting energy and runway.

       Guillotine with spooling handle

       Starter Motor Rewinder.  Rewind Speed =750meters in 2 min

       2 meter Electric Cable to battery supplied.

       Standard connection supplied for a Car Tow bar (tow hitch). Options available for boats, pickup trucks, etc.

       Tensioning Winding Mechanism. Allows you to preset the tension on the scale.

       Tensioning Mechanism provides constant tension at all speeds in both (drum) directions

       Tension Belt - Woven Friction Material, Lifetime Guarantee (Beat that)

       Once tension has been set, there is a quick release so tension does not need to be reset every tow (lady friendly)

       Over tension setting you choose what max tension you want the winch will release and then pick up when setting is reached so the driver can never over tension      


Heavy duty winch Features
  • Designed for flat bed mount, on boats, trucks or trailers
  • much wider to hold more line
  • Automatic oscillating linespreader